Ambulance 16

Ambulance 16 is a 2009 Ford E-450 Horton 553. Ambulance 16 is a part of the first generation Hortons brought into the Hanover Fire-EMS department

Ambulance 16-2

Ambulance 16-2 is the newest ambulance to Ashland Rescue. Ambulance 16-2 is a 2013 Chevrolet 4500 with a Horton Body Style. This is the newest body style to AVRS. 16-2 formally ran as Ambulance 4.

Ambulance 16-3

Ambulance 16-3 is a 2010 E-450 Horton 553. Ambulance 16-3 formally ran as Medic 7. 16-3 is one of the last ambulances with the Ford Van chassis in the county

QRV 16

QRV 16 is a 2006 Chevy Tahoe. QRV 16 is staffed by ALS providers to suppliment BLS crews. This unit was remodeled in 2012 to include new graphics, emergency lighting and organization of equipment.

Utility 16

Utility 16 is a 1998 Chevrolet Diesel Suburban recently purchased from the West Hanover Volunteer Rescue Squad. Utility 16 is a 4x4 BLS response vehicle that is mainly used to haul our rehab trailer.

Gator 16

Gator 16 is a John Deere TS Gator equipped with an EMS Patient Care Skid capable of transporting up to 3 EMS providers and one backboarded patient. Gator 16 features BLS entry equipment, splinting supplies, and immobilization supplies. Gator 16 is street-legal and is allowed on the streets of Ashland.